Little burning.

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Hayi-babybaby addicted and never stop at all.

different kinds of love

by team b

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WINNER - 컬러링 (Color Ring) Acapella version

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WINNER gets scared by the confetti then Seunghoon tries to attack it…

WINNER gets scared by the confetti then Seunghoon tries to attack it…

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Seunghoon, you okay?

Seunghoon, you okay?

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130926: Team A’s first win.

131025: Team A wins the title of WINNER.

140820: WINNER’s first music show win.

We did it, Inner Circle. You did it, Winner. You’ve been through so many rough times, crossed so many tough rivers, and you’ve finally made it to today. A #1 win on your DEBUT STAGE, breaking records and becoming the first boy group to win a first place in 10 days. It was all because of your hard work, perseverance, dedication, and most importantly…your patience. Your ability to connect with the audience. Your ability to genuinely touch our hearts. 
Seungyoon once said that he hoped one day, the fans would become winners, and WINNER can be the inner circle for them. Well, I think that’s already happened, hasn’t it? These are literally just the beginnings. We have so many more mountains to climb, so many more roads to travel - and so many more memories to make, share, and cherish together.
Guess who’s (finally) back and debuted? It’s WINNER, and well…they’re winning.

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